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Then you have more than enough time to transform your life, starting with your skin! See how you can lift, smooth, and brighten for a more radiant you with the beautifying botanicals of It Works! Skin Care.

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PALMETTO - One building here stands out among all others. It's a five-story corporate palace, fronted with a cascading waterfall and the logo of the weight-loss and dietary supplement company that owns it and recently completed a major renovation. …
It Works! is making the move to its new corporate headquarters in Palmetto, Fla. The 50,000-square-foot space, complete with a slide connecting the second and third floors, will officially open for business next week. The office will house 90 empl …
Before trying a new product, it is important for me to think about my history with the brand that produced the item. Having tried It Works! Global Ultimate Body Applicator, I have to admit that I am a fan of the company's products! Their non-woven c …
hello, my name is Janelle LaFord Double Diamond
A year ago my family was BROKE! (May 2012) Living paycheck to paycheck state insurance for my kids and wic, and bills that had gone to collections because we had to decide which bills we could afford each month. We lived in a not so nice part of town in a not so nice duplex... I never saw my husband because he had to go to school as soon as he got off work to get his GI Bill from the military so we could afford rent and to not live with his parents anymore! And I couldn't afford to go back to wo
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